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Animated photographs, I can see this becoming very popular real quick. DVICE SyFy

Killer motorcycle helmets for SyFy type people. DVICE SyFy

Alien Body found in Russia, is it real? Since he is dead I would poke him with a stick. Sad but true this is a hoax just created with stale bread and chickens.

Three new UFO sitings, here again you decide what is real or not.

MSNBC, Mark Halperin called President Obama a Dick on live TV, NEWS!! It is OK to have your own opinion however, news ancors should remain nutural. Watch the video!

Another great source of information that I have been reading is from NewsMax, very insightful and doesn't hold back any punches. If you log onto their site they are releasing for free "Dick Cheney's new book". Check them out if you have time.

Jeff Bezos' Spaceship Fails During Test Flight.This is supposed to be one of the first air craft to do a verticle take off and landing however the 1st one just crashed, not good for business. President Obama is funding this company since he cancled out NASA. Ya

OK, This might be a little hard to understand but I am at my wits end. Every country in the world changes their value of their currency appropiately (EXCEPT CHINA) their currency has not changed since 1963. They have a great work force since the government can use prisoners to make products sent around the world. Beside Americans taxes and jobs are going to jobs to China like the new Alexander Bridge, Metro Train by Yankee Stadium, NOW they just made the new Martin Luther King monument assembled by low wage Chinese workers paid by our taxes and our goverment gave China the work. WOW, we the American people have to put a stop on the Chinese Invasion! (Truthout)

Here is another great plan from our government / Obama, let's give out 269 million to have 4 commercial companies develope space craft, reason to save money the Obama way. Here is a concept, lets use Obama's idea and clean house on our government! Let's cut the majority of government jobs and contract out most of the jobs for a fraction of the price.

60 Minutes interviews an Iraq person Code named "Curve Ball" who gave up all the information on Iraq chemical biological warfare and says it was all made up, Really - I didn't see that coming.

Plight of the sea turtle, this news release is trying to find the blame is it the oil spill or fisher nets here is my spin, who cares! Can't we just fix the problem without trying to find out who is to blame the most! New York Times.

Here's a problem that upsets me, because of lack of funding in cities / states we are cutting down on education. They are either going to make classes Monday - Tuesday or cut off more time at the end of the year. The U.S. educational system is ranked 17 out of 193 countries. More

I have been placed as a finalist in the Top 10 of the AZ Highways magazine for Wild life Photography! NEW News, I did not win the first or second prize but I was in the top 10 of my catagory, that's cool.

Tech; this is a way cool item FINALLY! A green battery HYDROSTIK that uses hydrogen. Simple info 1 battery can be charged 1,000 times and is much cleaner!

From Phoenix MUFON, you can see the new upcoming release called "The Day Before Disclosure" a very well put together documentary UFO research analysis. A Must See Video!

Why cow milk? Get ready for it now Camel milk, why because in some ways it's better for you. Camel milk is healthier, cow cheese is better still, but camels don't fart as much and their poop is real dry and good for the invironment. Mental Floss

Luke Days is a special event held at Luke Air Force base every other year (in the odd years). The two-day show is a unique combination of aerial demonstrations, military aircraft ground displays, exhibits, and attractions. In 2011, the theme for the event is "70 Years of Thunder." March 19 and 20, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Gates open at 9 a.m. and scheduled flying acts begin at 11 a.m.

On the 28th Feb, there were 16 earth quakes around the world, the highest was a 5.2 Mag

RFK's Assasin want us to let him go free becuase he can't remember the killing, HELL NO!

FBI launches Media Blitz in hopes of nabbing Serial Rapist FOX News

Penthouse launches worlds first 3D porn TV Station

Global Warming strikes Arizona with snow! Major weather strikes the east coast.

If you want a killer burger go to SMASH Burger 99th Ave and McDowell, Have 911 on Speed Dial

Somali Pirates Kill 4 American hostages, two pirates died during the shoot out with special forces and 13 more were captured. It cost on average .16 cents per bullet times 13 bullets or a couple million to put them on trial and house them for 40 years. Do the math.

Argentine seized a US C-17 containing machine guns, ammo, drugs, and spy equipement the US replied it was for training purposes, REALLY! We need to come up with better lies.

Baghdad is demanding $1 Billion dollars from America for war damages. I say why not, right after we pay off our debts and fix the US economy then they can stand in line with all other countries.

2 US Airman killed and 2 more wounded at the Frankfurt Airport Germany by a man from Kosovo.

Deborah Jeane committed suicide by hanging herself. Who is she, she is Washington DC's head prostitute ring leader for government officials. She was in the process of being arraigned for racketeering charges. If you ask me "Dead people can't TALK" hell ya someone in the government had her killed, is their another option?

New Drug-Resistant Superbugs found in three states, They think it is from India where the bug is wide spread throughout the country. HINT don't go to India and have any surgery done.

When male rats were fed genetically modified GM soy, their testicles actually changed color—from the normal pink to dark blue. People enough is enough we need to test GM products before we put them on the shelfs.

DOES the CDC give accurate information? NO, it often miss leads people to think a certain way. Their stats are un-official and have no real meaning, please read the article! Hidden Health Science.

Hungary, concentrated toxic metals "Red Sludge" has just poored into one of the biggest drinking water system that they have. However, the government officials said that it is below toxic drinking levels and they are safe. Hmmm, would I trust the Hungarian government? NO

Lets stop the madness, with all the alligations that President Obama is from Africa and just listen to the words of his wife who specifically states his homeland is Kenya Africa. If you have any questions just look for yourself, after this there are no questions.

This week there was 200 dead cows found in Wisconsin, reason still unknown only speculations.

Dead birds every where, not just Arkansas but also Italy. They had blue bills from either lack of oxygen or position. In Arkansas over 100,000 fish have died and now over 5,000 birds in a week. Officials stated that there is no poison but most likely shock from fire works which caused stress and then they died, also gun fire, and some possibly hit a tree. This sounds like crap to me.

The REAL DEAL, Mexican drug cartel fires on US Border Patrol, in the last 2 years the amount of drugs coming to America have increased significantly. Our society is under attack by Mexican drug lords who bring in drugs which harms our families.

ADA has changed the name GM Genetic Modification to Biotechnology because the term GM scares people, I think what they are passing onto the people scares me, not the name! Did you know that our government passed a law in which food production companies do not need to tell you on the package if the item was genetically modified! Follow the money!

Over half of the world’s population lives in countries where biotechnologically modified crops have been officially approved by governmental agencies and grown. Most popular corn, potatoes, and soybeans.

N Korean killed for spreading Gospel. A close read of this article while sad but does state how Christians convert people, Christians are not supposed to convert, but teach the word of God. People then make their own decision. While N Korea is still a Communist block country they will countinue to make their own laws, control religion and media to suit their own needs.

Oh hell no, Someone made Jam with Princess Di's hair and is selling it as art / food.

Japanese women top the worlds longevity rating for the 25th year in a row, the average is 86.5.

Seven out of forty rats eating GM tomatoes died within two weeks for unstated reasons.

FDA authorizes what they call allowable level of disinfectants byproducts in bottled water!

FDA finally creates and passes a rule after 30 people die and 79,000 get sick each year due to contaminated eggs that have bacterium salmonella, July 2010 "it's about time"!

"Get Ready more madness is around the corner" Russia turned on Iran, accusing it of "fruitless and irresponsible rhetoric" and adding its voice to a diplomatic assault Monday which included unilateral sanctions from both the EU and Canada, as well as warnings from Iran's opposition party that Ahmadinejad's regime could suffer the same fate as the deposed Shah.

Twin car bomb attack kills at least 22 Shia pilgrims in Kerbala, south Iraq.

Do you know how many Nukes have been denonated, here is a video that shows just how many from 1945 - 1998. It is a little slow at first but the is a worth while watch. Scroll Down, NUKES


Lately I have been receiving several emails about Muslims and Mexicans and 90 % of the emails were both derogatory and false. All this represents is hate, malicious hate towards a society and or culture. Our country is better than this, we are founded in the true idealism of freedom, as we are all immigrants to this country we need to stop the hate. If you are an illegal alien do the right thing and file the paper work to become a American or just get your green card, “both will make you legal”! Verify your emails the Drudge Report.

Satiety: (from lipids which is fats) is the feeling of fullness; we get this from lipids “FATS” in our foods. That's why fine restaurants give chocolates after dinner, usually mint flavored too, as mint was historically used to sooth upset stomachs. Fine restaurants do not want their clientele going home feeling sick and never coming back to that restaurant again. That’s why if you eat ice cream with a mint on it or chocolate after your meals. How restaurants control the masses.There's a company "INFRAGARD" that wants your help on spying on your neighbors, co-workers, and family and send out any type of information that could be helpful to the FBI, some of the bigger topics would be terrorism, threat to the government. Is this good or just like big brother watching you Hitler style. I don't have any answer Pro or Con on this one..

Here's a guy with the right idea, lets start with the basics remove all congress and start from scratch by voting in all new people. GOOOH "Get Out Of Our House"

President Obama quote, "Arizona immigration bill misguided"?

5 Current Genetic Experiments most likely to destroy Humanity!


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