USAF MSgt Michael Burns 1982 - 2006

I entered the AF to become a Survival Instructor, they selected 2 out of our 38 person class, so the AF made me a Security Specialist - I was Security Forces for my first 14 years and then cross trained into MultiMedia specializing in Photography. i went from being a Photographer to Multimedia Manager and ended up as a Superintendent of Operations.

My Years

24 years military service, Master Sergeant, Honorably Retired
17 Medals, 5 Commands
10 Bases, 3 Remote Tours total 4 years, 2 long Overseas tours, Over 60 deployments
Flew in C-130, C-141, C-5, Apache helicopter, CH – 47 helicopter, Chinook helicopter, DPS helicopter, F-16 Fighter Jet hit 8.9 G’s, Russian Mig 17 Flogger,
1 Classified assignment
NCO of the Year, 374th SPS, Yokota AFB Japan
Best in AF 1995 and 96 Incirlik AFB Turkey
NCO of the Year, 1995 and 96 for the 39th SFS, Incirlik AFB Turkey
Weber Seavey Award Team member for Quality, 1995 Incirlik AFB Turkey
NCO of the Year, 490th SF, Malmstrom AFB
Over 250 Photography and Graphic Awards