I am Michael Burns, retired Air Force Master Sergeant I was a AF Photographer. One of my interest is collecting historical military images.    

I have assembled a vast amount of Tuskegee Airman photographs from around the world. I have done this just as a hobby. I pass this collection onto Tuskegee Airman so they can show their families their heritage and some of the events they have participated in.

This is a collection of Historical images, posters, paintings, and events that Tuskegee Airman have participated in. This DVD collection is a ongoing project for myself. If anyone wants to add images to this collection please feel free to send them to me and I will add them.  If anyone needs to have images scanned and digitized I can the provide the service. 

If anyone has historical stories to pass on, I would love to add them to this DVD.


Info; mcburns1@cox.net or http://www.photosbymcb.com


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