I provide High Quality MultiMedia for your business.

This includes marketing at all levels, websites, adverising, photography and graphic designs.


SEO Marketing

All my websites run several types of SEO coding. I always average above a 90 % SEO operation.



I work 12 hours a day and can work unscheduled hours as neccissary.


My Portfolio

My portfolio is very vast, however I try to only display what I have completed in the last few years. You will be able to view my websites, graphic designs, videos and photography.



If anyone need a testimonial I will send several numbers of CEO's who are more than happy to discuss my work.

Photo Tips


- Always remember the rules of thirds, for both vertical and horizontal.

- Look into objects instead of the whole image.

- Play, experiment, shoot shoot and then shoot some more.

- Never keep bad images - unless it's family.

About Me


I am a DoD Certified Multimedia Manager

MBA and a BS in Multimedia

20 Plus years marketing and multimedia experience


Be specific on your request, I will show you what the market place value is and help you get the biggest bang for your dollar.


Contact Site

Email me: Mike

About Me

I use several programs: Microsoft; Access, Excel, Word, Power Point, Visio, Adobe; Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, After Effects and InDesign just to mention a few